Turkey is now a player in TBM industry

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Tunnel boring machine industry has been popular again .  That’s correct, Elon Musk made it hot issue on World technology news by his tweets.



While World is busy with Musk’s tweets, as importer with 250 million Euro import figures  each year in this regard , Turkey has just become 8th player in TBM business by E-Berk company located in  Ankara, Central Anatolia.  Over years, construction companies in Turkey focusing on water pipelines, metro, subway lines have been using foreign TBMs.   E-Berk made an investment around 30 million euro for first TBM.


First TBM ready for duty


E-Berk Company has developed a TBM completely made by Turkish engineers, technicians and workers in its factory located in Anatolian Industry Zone.  Turkey is a growing market for subway, metro and water pipelines industry as government steadily steps ups related projects.  Turkey will be able to use this TBM firstly on Ergene Deep Discharge Tunnel and Refinement Project. With features 3.25  metre diameter, 92 metre long, 175 ton weight and 800 kVA power, Turkish TBM will help reduce pollution of Ergene River and refinement problem of 9 Industrial Zones around Çorlu and Ergene Region. E-Berk worked with Turkish companies such as Ulusoy Elektrik on its first TBM


During inauguration speech of Turkish TBM, Mr. Özgür Savaş Özüdoğru, Chairman of Board said that they had begun this journey at 100 m2 atelier in 2006. E-Berk company now exports to 24 countries on its 2 factories in Anatolian Industrial Zone. Özüdoğru emphasized that  60 TBMs are used in Istanbul itself  this year for metro – subway constructions.  




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