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Tarla.io (meaning agricultural field in Turkish) won Turkey stage of Get In The Ring competition last month. Beside Tarla.io, Delphi Sonic also will represent Turkey in the ring, 17-19 May in Singapore!


Tarla.io located in Bilkent CYBERPARK, Ankara  focuses on servicing farmers, agricultural companies to make more from their seeds. The system is based on using categorial data analysis to make forecast about weather.   The  enterprise entered the market approximately two years ago with fertility via information slogan, now they continue their presence with 13 competition awards from both Turkey and Europe, 22K farmers and 100K fields in their network.


tarla.io is a SaaS platform where farmers can increase their yield and profit by utilizing our IoT sensor and hyperlocal weather data. Their service provides weather alerts, disaster notifications, fertilization and spraying timetables.  Tarla.io is using cloud technology from Google and Amazon.


“1.5 million dollar investment for global markets”



Mr. Kerem Erikci, Co-Founder of Tarla.io says “We are  open to have partnerships and cooperation.  Our Top priority market is Africa and we could count Georgia and Azerbaijan as the other privileged global markets as we are targeting small scale farmers.  We are looking for 1.5 million dollars equity investment. We will use it for mass production of our sensors and reaching out the sales from the global markets.



Tarla.io co-founder call action for insurance sector. Erikci says climate change and its pressure on the sector could be eliminated by data science. For this reason, they are  tracking each field in Turkey for 7/24 and ready for cooperation in order to share the predictions and optimization offerings which is rooted from past data. He emphazies what the data means for them by adding that one of our co-founder of Tarla.io is done his doctoral thesis on ‘expectation of maximization theory’ which could correlate multiple variables.



Say hello to “nooli”

Farmers could start to benefit from their service by adding their field information to the tarla.io platform either from web or mobile. From then, in the near future they could extent their service by purchasing nooli field sensor and start to understand the relation between soil, plant and weather with systematic data gathering and correlation engines.


nooli field sensor measures soil moisture and temperature as well as air temperature and humidity. The data is used to feed algorithms. Farmers are advised to act on time to practice best irrigation and chemical applications. As a result, they help farmers to transform their fields into profit centers.  The company says their sensor could be the next game changer in agriculture industry.




The startup already working with Turkish industrial giants Konya Şeker, Toros Tarım, Tat and  GSM giant Turkcell and a BNP Paribas agent in Turkey, TEB.



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